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Personal Commissions

An original piece of art is something truly unique. Look closely at this image and you’ll see that there are two people sitting on the decking. This piece was commissioned to include a father and daughter in a meaningful place. It is just one of several unique works created by James Callaghan upon request. Owning an original piece to include that special place, person or idea might not be as expensive as you think. It all starts with an enquiry so why not click the button below to send a message with no obligation to commit.

Unique Art at Affordable Prices

Pet Portraits

There are few artists with such a profound love of animals and nature. James Callaghan knows what a difference pets can make to our lives and he offers original portraits of pets painted from photographs at very affordable prices. So whether it’s a pet that you want to remember in a special way or one who is still with you and deserves this star treatment, it all starts with an enquiry. Please click the button below to send a message with no obligation to commit.

Original Pet Portraits at Affordable Prices

Beautiful Prints

Browse the Gallery page to appreciate just how diverse the work of James Callaghan truly is. You might want to own an individual image or perhaps a set, such as “Scotland in Miniature” or “A Robin for All Seasons”.  With prints from as little as £9.99, why not visit our Etsy Shop to place an order or click the button below to send an enquiry without obligation to commit.

Prints from just £9.99